Website Design for Halesciences

We helped a Health Tech startup in India to revamp their website for their new product – My Chemist. The new website helped them connect with their audience at a deeper level. The idea behind the app was clearly communicated, while making sure website does not look too dull.

Client: Halesciences
Services: User Interviews, Website Design, Website Development

The Challenge

Halesciences, a health tech startup based in India approached us to revamp their website.  The website was created almost 2 years back, and needed a fresh design and approach. Now they were launching a new product – “My Chemist”, and they wanted a website that helps them tell their customers about their new product.

The Earlier Version

Our Approach

Healthcare is a very emotionally charged subject for patients and their family. It requires a lot of empathy and human touch. This is how we approached the new website. The earlier website, though informative, used a lot of graphics and had no real images. We teamed up with Halesciences to create a website that is informative and had a human touch to it. A lot of emphasis was placed on creating an online identity that looks sincere but not too serious. The website addresses both the patients and the chemists.

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