We helped a travel startup to build an identity that reflects how travelling can be fun, adventure, comfortable and cost saving with a travel buddy whom you choose based on your own criteria.

Client: ShareARoom Inc.
Services: Baseline Research, Brand Strategy, User Interviews, Identity Design


ShareARoom is a US startup. Currently in its Beta, ShareARoom allows the solo travelers to find their travel buddy and roommates through their mobile app and web platform. The users can fill out the criteria and preferences, based on which ShareARoom suggests the roommates who are also travelling during the same duration and at same location. Based on the percentage match, users can choose to interact on the platform using message feature and plan their trip.

Idenity Design

For their identity, client wanted to position themselves as a startup that has a fresh outlook to travelling. Their target demographic were mainly millenials. They wanted to establish trust and wanted to ensure the users that sharing a room is not an intrusion but an experience and an opportunity to make lifelong friends while saving money and having company.

Our Approach

We interviewed around 15 frequent travellers, roughly lying in the target demographics. Through these interviews we were able to asess the things that excited them most about this concept and their concerns. Though most of them seemed pretty excited about the new concept at the prospect of cutting their accomodation cost to half, there were few things that they were concerned about too. From these learning we were able to frame the key message for the brand –

“ShareARoom provides you a perfect travel buddy, whom you select based on your own criteria. But sharing a room does not mean you will have to compromise on your comfort and privacy” 

The ShareARoom Logo Mark

Comfort is to sleep on ones own bed. With ShareARoom even though you share a room, talking, making connection, still you maintain your own privacy. The logo consists of two beds placed in a room face to face, yet positioned in a way that they are quite independent of each other. The same color for both bed is to show the similarity in the personality and taste.


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