Iconography for Rating Hotels

We designed a unique set of icons for ShareARoom Platform, that users can use to rate their experience. These 95 icons are quite elaborate and the purpose was to enable users proficient in any language to share their experience with the hotel.

Client: ShareARoom Inc.
Services: Baseline Evaluation, Iconography, User Interview


ShareARoom wanted to make it super easy for the travelers to share their reviews about their hotel stay. While the emojis seem like a perfect choice, they are not too specific. The written reviews though detailed are not bound by the barriers of language. The idea was to empower users to share and give maximum information to make a decision.

Our Approach

The brainstorming session with the team led to the idea of an icon set to characterize each attribute of the hotel stay. Based on the user research, it was concluded that there were 5 main factors based on which the users recommend the Hotel.

The icons were designed in a pair to represent both the absence or presence of a particular facility/positive attribute. The designs were tested with various users from different parts of the world to make sure there was no cultural or regional bias. The colors Red and Green were used to represent negative and positive aspects respectively. The final result was a set of 95 icons including the different aspects of location of the hotel, room facilities, staff, Budget, Food Served, Bathroom and other miscellaneous services.

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