ElpisDesign helped ClickEinstein to create an identity that reflects the fun, engaging, intelligent and creative side of Education. The ClickEinstein eventually became a part of Microsoft Biz Spark and Fbstart

Client: ClickEinstein
Services: Baseline Research, Brand Strategy, User Interviews, Identity Design, App Development

How ClickEinstein was named

ClickEinstein initially started as a quiz app, inspired by Clickers. The main idea was to enable teachers to run quizzes in self paced as well as timed mode using mobile. Over time it engages with students and find learning patterns over the time. The main idea was to get real time insights into student’s understanding and taking necessary actions, when it matters the most. The earlier name was supposed to be in the lines of Clickers for Future Geniuses.

At the the time of identity design, the team wanted to establish a brand that reflects non confirmity to the conventional one way classroom communication. At the same time, establishing relationships was extremely crucial. Many classrooms already used Hardware clickers, so the team also wanted to keep some familiarity with the already prevelant system, so that the users can relate better with the new app.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we thought of representing it as a person rather than an object. After brainstorming several names, we agreed upon the name ClickEinstein




Einstein was a brilliant but an often misunderstood student whom conventional classroom failed. He was a non confirmist and life long advocate of creativity in classroom. While Einstein is often represented as a “mad scientist” or “absent minded” in popular culture, we wanted to create a connection with the users. Inspired by the iconic image of Albert Einstein sticking out his toungue, the brand icon for ClickEinstein was created.


Other Services

App Development and Website Design and Development

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