Innovation Lab

ElpisDesign uses a wide variety of tools and processes to help organizations innovate through goal driven design.

Our Process

ElpisDesign works closely with companies to streamline their innovation process and co-create scalable, profitable and feasibe products and services.


We always start by understanding and empathizing with stakeholders and users. We uncover the needs of the users and identify new opportunities through tools like user interviews, Empathy Mapping, User Personas, User Journeys, Customer profiles and value proposition canvas.


We work with our clients to define their goals and challenges through co-creation workshops


ElpisDesign facilitates creative ideation through tools that ensures that every idea is appreciated and assessed without any bias


With its specialized design and technology expertise, at ElpisDesign we love to get our hand dirty by prototyping with paper, pen, sketches, wireframes, role play, colors, code, throw away prototypes and anything that helps our clients and their customers visualize the product and service in a better way.


At ElpisDesign, we always put an idea and prototype to test before going out and building the whole product at scale. Usability testing, UX audits, split testing and user interviews guides mapping out the whole business canvas at this stage.

Other Services