What is Design Delhi

Design Delhi was founded in March 2017 and has about 700 design thinkers associated with it. This group is for anyone interested in the Thinking and Creative process behind designs. We look forward to solve important problems, as a community, by breaking them down, and fixing them one at a time. This initiative by ElpisDesign aspires to enhance this skill by letting people from different grounds interact and discuss their own processes.  These events are mostly free to attend, organized by volunteers, and supported by our generous sponsors.

The Meetups

Through these meet ups we wish to bring together the field veterans and the young entrepreneurs. These interactive sessions are focused on sharing tips, tricks, tools and processes around Strategy & Design Thinking with emphasis on action.  This will help in building skills among the budding entrepreneurs and bring awareness regarding the design process useful in solving any problem. There are many related workshops are also taken by volunteers to give a hands-on in the process.

The Team

Design Delhi is managed by ElpisDesign , a team of Design thinkers who wanted to built a community that networks with each other, than their usual office hours to discuss and share their views on important problems around Design processes. Together with our local volunteers and curators we are driven by a passion for great products and the people who build them.

Our Sponsors

To find out about the services we offer, visit UX Gorilla Click here
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