Corporate Workshops

ElpisDesign works closely with organizations to help them make the human centered approach and creative thinking an integral part of their organization.

What do we offer?

All our workshops are personalized based on the need of the organizations and teams. Our aim through these workshops is to help the stakeholders to gain clarity and help them bring everyone in the team on the same page.

Business Canvas

9 Building Blocks for your Business

 ElpisDesign helps the stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of how their business can provide value and how they can scale the business and replace the outdated business models

Value Proposition Canvas

Create Real Value

Create products that really add value to the life of your users. With this simple yet very effective tool, organizations get a blueprint of their customers’ wants and need to fuel innovation in their organization.

Idea Generation Methods

Generate better ideas together

 We teach teams the skill of idea generation that goes beyond the typical brainstorming sessions. After taking this workshop, every person in the team will be equipped to share their ideas with confidence.

User Interview Methods

Intelligent Questions, Actionable Insights

ElpisDesign shares tools and processes from its own toolkit to enable teams to get useful information with direct interaction from the user. After this workshop, participants are able to ask intelligent questions and get useful information that is sometimes not so apparent.

User Persona Workshop

Know Thy Users

 We share the process and tools of drafting a user persona within the team and then going out and validating the assumptions for each persona. The tools like empathy map, a day in the life, user stories are taught in depth with hands-on training.

Design For Developers

Design Beautiful Interfaces

This workshop is designed specifically for the developers who do not have the formal training of design, but the basic knowledge of design techniques will help them a lot in the way they develop a product. This workshop also enhances the collaboration between the designers and developers within a team.

Usability Testing

Failproof your UX

 With this workshop, the product team will be able to create tasks and metrics to understand how the UX is performing. After this workshop, the teams will be able to measure the performance and use the actionable insights to iterate and scale the product.

Design Sprint

Find Solutions to Big Problems in 5 Days

This workshop is ideal for organizations that are interested in enabling their teams with the end to end process of ideating, prototyping and validating the new products, features or services.


Test ideas without spending a fortune

Prototyping is the best, easiest and cheapest way to validate your idea. In this workshop, we teach you the best tools and techniques for prototyping. After this workshop, your team will be able to create quick prototypes and test them based on the stage at which the product/ service idea is.

Could not find the workshop you were looking for?

Many of our workshops and frames emerged around the specific problems and ideas that our clients had. If you have a specific idea in mind, get in touch and we will personalize the workshop for your team.