Great things happen
when we work together with a purpose

What is ElpisDesign

ElpisDesign is a design led product development company. We help companies to create functional and beautiful products by following a human centered approach.

What is it like to work at ElpisDesign?

Every day is a new challenge at ElpisDesign. We strive on to become the best in our trade and help others do the same. We believe in over promise and yet over-deliver.

Quick experiments and rational thinking is an important part of our culture. It’s a challenging job with the most cutting edge technologies and process improvements.

What to expect

  1. Great learning experience every single day
  2. Friendly environment
  3. Multidisciplinary team working together with a same goal
  4. Direct communication with clients and users
  5. Transparent and clear communication within the team
  6. No politics
  7. Working on some of the hardest problems in market
  8. A lot of questions asked and answered
  9. Disruption in your thought process every now and then (sometimes causing discomfort)
  10. A lot of stress on going beyond your perceived capabilities


What not to expect

  1. A luxurious office in a plush locality
  2. Lavish friday night booze parties
  3. A 9-5 job, sitting on a bench, not having a deadline
  4. Staying in your comfort zone
  5. Access to unlimited pool of resources

Our core values


The purpose of design is to solve a problem. One must know the people to help solve these problems better, their experiences must always be taken into consideration.

Keep Learning

We believe that the ultimate goal of our life is to grow in all aspects. We encourage our team to learn new things and explore new passions. We provide our team with new resources to learn and share.

People Come First

Everything that we do revolves around creating relationships within our team, with client or the audience. We believe in creating better relationships through honest communication, respect and collaboration.

Humanity Positive

As a part of society, we consider it our holy duty to promote companies and causes that elevate humanity. We consciously do not work with companies that sell illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarette or are notorious.

Honour your promise

We are completely honest with our clients about deadlines, pricing and other important things that might sometimes be a deal breaker. Once we commit, we deliver.

Ask before assuming

We are crazy about research, everything that we create is based on research and facts instead of assumptions. We believe, better questions lead to better results.

Nothing beats simplicity

Everything from our processes, practices and solutions are simple. We deliberately reduce the noise while strategizing, writing, communicating or designing.

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