Meetup : How to design User Persona?


It was an absolute pleasure to conduct a workshop on “How to design User Personas” with my Design Delhi team Aman GautamTanushree PandeyParveen Yadav. Thank you so much, Samip Jain, for being a part of this endeavor. A big thank you also to the participants who asked amazing questions and gave us really good feedback. The event went smoothly, thanks to our amazing Venue Sponsors 91 Springboard.

A very big thank you to Alex Cowan. Your solid work on Agile meets Design Thinking is something every aspiring entrepreneur must study. I thought I understood everything about user personas until I found Venture Design framework. It gave me a fresh perspective, which I believe I was able to also share with the participants. I recommend everyone to read it.

Like always, we also got an opportunity to learn. We understood the many challenges that organizations face when they do not have the budget or the time to conduct the discovery process. The most common question asked was – ” What happens if we are not allowed to invest time in these activities ?” I feel it is unfortunate that user discovery and research process is considered a frivolous activity. But still, there is a lot that can be done with the tools like User Persona.

The least that it can help you is to document your assumption with the other teammates and decision makers within the company. It is better to at least draft an ad-hoc persona, than not doing it at all. Outside the scope of office, if you are going for a job interview, imagine you already know what the people at this company think, feel, see and do. The least and also the most that you can achieve from this small exercise is to understand your users (at least hypothetically). Also, you’ll know what your assumptions are.

We are going to conduct many of these workshops in the future. If you would like to volunteer, participate or speak, at any of our upcoming events, shoot a mail to [email protected] with Design Delhi in your headline. Also, subscribe to our meetup group to not miss any future event.


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